Tuesday 02.04.2014


A) CJ to max (on 2nd miss you’re done)
B) Complete Hang Clean x 3 + Jerk x 1: 4 sets @ 75%-80%
C) Clean Pull: 90/5, 95/5, 100/5*2 sets

A) Front Rack Lunges x 5 e/l @ 50% of FS Max: 4 sets
B) Push Press: 4 sets of 5 AHAP

Courtesy of Deep Barbell

As I have mentioned before, the importance of mobility/flexibility in improving your Olympic lifts can not be underestimated. Some seem to think that just by doing the lifts, their numbers will improve; this may be true in the short term, but it will only result in small improvements in the absence of appropriate mobility. For some of, just simply improving your mobility would make your lifts skyrocket. Unfortunately, throwing a barbell around is much sexier than good, old fashioned stretching, so many choose not to do it. If you are truly looking to significantly improve your strength in the Olympic lifts, YOU NEED TO BECOME MORE MOBILE. There is no way around it. Here, Greg Everett gives us a great template for stretching to improve overall flexibility for the Olympic lifts. Please read.

You can’t get in positions like this without having incredible mobility…


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