Tuesday 05.20.2014

A) Work to snatch max (3 misses allowed)
B) Hang Snatch: 75%-80% of max for the day complete 3×3
C) Snatch Pull to explode from 3in platform: 100/3*3 sets

A) Bent Over Row: 4×8
B) 3x1min weighted plank

Courtesy of Power and Grace Weightlifting



Exercise, athletics and competition have been a constant in Spencer’s life since he could walk. He picked up Olympic Weightlifting at age 13 as a complement to football and wrestling. Soon thereafter, football and wrestling became complements to weightlifting. From that platform he has competed  and medaled in National competitions around the United States including the Junior National Championships, National Championships and the American Open. He began coaching the sport in college and has since fallen in love with seeing others do and complete things they never saw possible. As a junior in college, he walked into his first experience with Crossfit. He realized immediately that his background in Olympic weightlifting and strength and conditioning would be of massive help to the sport of fitness.  He began coaching Crossfit immediately.  Eventually, he began coaching and programming for elite Crossfit athletes helping them to reach their goals in the Open, Regionals, and the Games.


2012 USAW American Open Gold Medalist (69kg)

2013 Texas State Champion and Record Holder in Snatch, CJ, and Total (69kg)

2013 National Championship Silver Medalist (69kg)

USAW Club Coach Certified

USAW National Coach Certified

Crossfit Weightlifting Trainer Course Certified and Assistant Coach


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