Tuesday 07.15.2014

Complete In The Following Order

A) BS: 50/10 60/8 70/8 75/6 80/6 85/6+ up to 16
B) Snatch Pull + Hang Snatch: 2+2: Find Max in complex then complete 4 sets @ 5kg less than max
C) Jerk Drives: 100-105/3*4 sets (bar must get to eyebrow level)
D) Pendlay Row: 4×8 AHAP
E) Parner Med Ball Situps AHAP: 3×20 each

Courtesy of Power and Grace Weightlifting

Congrats to all of the athletes who competed this weekend at The Duo! Thank you  so much to our volunteers!!!!!

Our very own Chris C snatched 260# this weekend in Event 6

<a href=”http://johncalhoun.zenfolio.com/p626721636/e13bacf00&#8243; title=”crossfit_artis_duo_2014-07-13_12-57-16 (5)”><img src=”http://johncalhoun.zenfolio.com/img/s12/v172/p331009792-2.jpg&#8221; width=”400″ height=”309″ alt=”John Calhoun: CrossFit Artis – Duo 2014 &emdash; crossfit_artis_duo_2014-07-13_12-57-16 (5)” /></a>

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