Thursday 03.05.2015

Complete In The Following Order: A) Sotts Press: 4×4 AHAP B) Blocks: Snatch: 60/3, 70/3, 75/2, 80/2, 85/2*4 sets C) Snatch Pull: 3 Stop @ 1in off ground, knee, explode: 90/2, 95/2, 100/2, 105/2 D) On Toe Jerk: 3×5 AHAP E) Clean Pull + Clean + Jerk: 60/3, 70/2, 75/2, 80/2 85/1, 90/1, 80/2, 85/1, 90/1 F) Weighted V-Ups: 3×12

Courtesy of Power and Grace Weightlifting

THIS. If you want to be a better weightlifter or CrossFitter, you have to think of each day’s workout as practice, just like you would if you were an athlete playing a sport in high school, etc. Your workout is practice. Would you encourage your kids to skip practice or leave early because they have other things to do? Yes, it will happen from time to time, but if you are truly dedicated to getting better, the missed practice is very rare. If you truly desire to be a better athlete, you have to PRACTICE. Be thankful that you are blessed enough that you can. Thanks to Nicole Capurso (@ncapurso22) for the post on Instagram.


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