Saturday 07.01.2017

EVERYONE is welcome here. We have a community full of people from different backgrounds and belief systems and we are always striving to be more inclusive and to provide an environment where all people can enjoy themselves. We do not tolerate behavior that makes anyone feel excluded or marginalized, and as imperfect people ourselves, we are learning how to make sure the gym is a safe space for everyone. Thank you to all of you for bringing your own brand of uniqueness to that which is Artis.


A) BS: 4×3 @95% of BS

B) Tall Clean: 3×5, light as warmup

C) CJ: 60/5, 70/4, 80/3, 90/2, 95/1, 100/1, 95/1*3

D) Clean Pull: 95/4, 100/3, 105/2*3

E) Abs of choice: 3×10


A) Wide Grip Pullups: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

B) Single Arm DB Row: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

C) DB Lateral Raises: 4 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

D) Hammer Curls: 5 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

E) Sumo Squat: 2 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

F) Close Grip Pushups: 2 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

G) GH Raises: 2 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%

H) OPTIONAL: Abs of choice: 3 sets of 2/fail @10RM-2.5%


A) BS: 3×5

B) Bench Press: 3×5

C) Pushups: 3×10

E) Pullups: 3×12

F) Abs of choice: 3×10

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