Saturday 12.09.2017

Another huge internet high five to our other barbellers and members who competed and/or helped out last weekend at The Trio…We really do just love you guys. Thank you so much and congrats on your hard work!


A) Snatch: 50/5, 55/5, 60/5, 65/5

B) CJ: 50/5, 55/5, 60/3CJ+2Clean only, 65/3CJ+2Clean only

C) FS+Jerk: 50/5+1, 55/5+1, 60/5+165/5+1


A) Skater Squats: 2 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%

B) Pullups: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%

C) Chest Supported Row: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%

D) DB Upright Row: 4 sets 0f 3/fail @10RM-15%

E) Hammer Curl: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%

F) Hanging Hamstring Curl: 3 sets 0f 3/fail @10RM-15%

G) Pushup: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%

H) GHD Situp: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-15%


A) DL: 5×1 at 75%

B) BS: Up to 1RM at 9.5RPE

C) BS: Drop 8-12%x2x1

D) GH Raises: 3×12

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