Tuesday 05.15.2018





Couch Stretch (Left/Right) for 30 seconds Samson Stretch for 30 seconds Lateral Lunge (Left/Right) x 10 yrds Torokhtiy Pulls x 10 reps Muscle Snatch x 10 reps Behind the Neck Press x 5 reps Overhead Squats x 10 reps Snatch Balance x 5 reps Behind the Neck Sots Press x 5 reps Overhead Squat Hops x 5 reps

Movement Prep:

Couch Stretch (Left/Right) for 30 seconds Use a Glute Band for remainder of warm up. Squats with Band x 10 reps Forward and Backward Walk with Band x 10 yrds Squatted Lateral Walk with Band x 10 yrds (Left/Right) Barbell Squats (keep weight light) x 10 reps


A) Snatch: 80+/1*4

B) Power Jerk + Split Jerk: 65+/2+1*4

C) BS: 80/3, Drop 12.5-15kgx2x5

D1) Incline BB Retract and Row: 3×10

D2) HSPU: 3×10

E1) Death March: 3x20yds

E2) Back Extension: 3×10


Stretch and hold 60 seconds for Each: Hamstrings Hip Flexors Piriformis Calves Quadriceps Groin Chest Tris



A) Low Incline DB Press: 5 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

B) Incline Wide Grip BP: 4 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

C) EZ Skull Crushers: 6 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

D) 2-arm DB Parallel Row: 4 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

E) Close Stance Toes Forward Squats (just below parallel!): 5 sets of 2/fail @10RM-5%

F) Single Leg RDL (DB/KB in each hand): 4 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

G) Candlesticks: 6 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

NOTE: If you have been really sore or extra fatigued, you can do last week’s set numbers.



A) BS: 3×3 at 80% of 3RM

B) Pause Squat: 2×4 at 6RPE

C) Step Ups: 2×8 e/l

D) Baxk Extensions: 2×10


A) BS: 3×4 at 80%

B) Bench: 3×3 +1-10 lbs from last time you did 3×3

C) Incline Bench Press: 3×10

D) Plyo Pushups: 1×10-15

E) Dips: 2×8-12

F) Close Grip BP: 2×6-12

G) EZ OH Tricep Extensions: 2×10-15

H) DB Lateral Raise: 2×10-15

I) Side Planks: 3x45sec e/s

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