Saturday 05.19.2018

Some of you balk at the idea of a cold shower, but they have many surprising benefits including those listed above. And remember: it’s SUPPOSED to be uncomfortable. That’s part of the idea; learning to resist your resistance to being uncomfortable, which is a skill that can contribute to positive improvements in many other areas of your life (career, relationships, fitness). Guidelines: 1) take hot shower first, get yourself all clean and happy, 2) turn on the cold water as cold as you can get it, 3) slowly work your way into the cold water until your entire body is immersed, somewhere between 1-3 minutes. For added bonus and focus, add 30-50 Wim Hof breaths before you get into the cold, then when breathing returns to normal after you’re fully immersed, hold your breath at the bottom of a breath until you reflexively take in a deep breath. That’s it! It will transform your mornings.



Couch Stretch (Left/Right) for 30 seconds Samson Stretch for 30 seconds Lateral Lunge (Left/Right) x 10 yrds Torokhtiy Pulls x 10 reps Muscle Snatch x 10 reps Behind the Neck Press x 5 reps Overhead Squats x 10 reps Snatch Balance x 5 reps Behind the Neck Sots Press x 5 reps Overhead Squat Hops x 5 reps

Movement Prep:

Couch Stretch (Left/Right) for 30 seconds Use a Glute Band for remainder of warm up. Squats with Band x 10 reps Forward and Backward Walk with Band x 10 yrds Squatted Lateral Walk with Band x 10 yrds (Left/Right) Barbell Squats (keep weight light) x 10 reps


A) Snatch Grip PP + Heaving Snatch Balance: 70+/1+2*4

B) Clean from blocks: 80+/2*5

C) Pause BS: Work to a heavy single, 90+, 70+/3*5

D) Snatch Grip Deficit DL (% of Snatch): 90+/5*4

E1) GH Raises: 3×10

E2) Rvs Hyper: 3×10


Stretch and hold 60 seconds for Each: Hamstrings Hip Flexors Piriformis Calves Quadriceps Groin Chest Tris



Note: If you have been extra sore or fatigued, you may use last week’s set numbers.

A) Close Stance Toes Forward Squats (just below parallel!): 4 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

B) Underhand Pulldowns: 5 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

C) EZ Bent Over Row: 5 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

D) BB Upright Row: 6 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

E) EZ Curl: 6 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

F) SL RDL (DB/KB in each hand): 5 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

G) Low Incline DB Press: 4 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%

H) Candlesticks: 6 sets of 1/fail @10RM-5%



A) DL: 3×3 at 75% of 3RM

B) Box DL: 3×5 at 6RPE

C) Glute Bridges: 2×10

D) GH Raises: 2×10


A) Snatch: 1×2

B) Clean: 1×2

C) Jerk (blocks or rack): 1×3

D) FS: 3×4 at 80%

E) Leaning Lateral Raise: 2×10-15

F) EZ Facepull: 2×10-15

G) Landmine Oblique Twists: 4×10

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