Saturday 06.02.2018

It’s your girl, Kory.

In addition to being a wonderful, smiley happy face to have around the gym, Kory is a shining example of what happens when you set a goal and stick to the plan. The changes Kory has made in her mindset, body, and fitness since she started at Artis are something we all should aspire to (especially dem arms, giirrrrlllll).

IMPORTANT: Jen will be out of the gym today, but thanks to Coach Bailey, the gym will be open and available for you to come in and get your twerkout on. Thanks, Coach Bailey!


A) CJ: 70/3+1*2, 75/3+1*2

B) Clean Pull: 80/5*3

C) BS: 75/5*3


NEW CYCLE; Metabolite training – rest only enough to catch your breath b/w sets; reps will drop off as sets go on; 20-30 reps for first set

A) Skater Squats: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25% (do ALL sets on one leg, then switch and do ALL sets on opposite leg)

B) Flat Bench Reverse Hyper: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

C) Narrow Pulldown: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

D) Chest Supported Row (face-down on flat bench): 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

E) 2 Arm Supine Grip DB Curl: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

F) Low Bar Good Mornings: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

G) Flat DB Flyes: 3 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%

H) Abmat Situps: 4 sets of 3/fail @10RM-25%


A) DL: 9×1 at 70%

B) BS: 3×1 at 77.5-87.5%, 2×2 at 75-82.5%

C) BP: 3×1 at 82.5-92.5%, 2×3 at 77.5-85%

D) Box DL: 3×4 at 8RPE

E) Back Extensions: 3×8


A) Block Clean: 3×3 at 85%

B) Sumo or Conventional DL: AHAP/3

C) Close Grip BP: 2×6-12

D) Press: 5×5 (medium-heavy, not heavy-heavy)

E) Half Kneeling SA KB Press: 4×10 e/a

F) Dips: 2×8-12

G) GH Raises: 3×12-15

H) K2E: 3×20

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