Thursday 10.11.2018

Jen and Jon will be out Saturday through Tuesday. Please check FB and for updates on open gyms and available classtimes.



Week 5: All at 10RM-50%, 1/2 Week 1 reps

A) DB/KB RDL x 2

B) Hack Squat x 2

C) BB Back Step Lunge x  (reps are for each leg)

D) High Incline DB BP x 2

E) Chinups (UH) x 2

F) Banded Facepull x 2

G) DB Calf Raises on box x 2


A1) DB Calf Raises on Box x 2

A2) BD/KB RDL x 2

B1) Hack Squat x 2

B2) Banded Facepull x 2

C1) BB Step Back Lunges x 2 (e/l)

C2) Chinups (UH) x 2

D) High Incline DB BP x 2


A) Press: Up to 2RM at 9.5RPE

B) Press: Drop 8-12%x3x2

C) BS: 3×1 at 75-85%, 2×3 at 65-75%

D) Banded Pulldown: 5×8

E) DB Front Raises: 3×12

F) DB Skull Crushers: 3×12

G) DB Shrugs: 3×12


A) Drop Snatch: 3×3 at 70-80%

B) Jerk: 3×3 at 70-75%

C) BS: 3×3 at 75%

We will max out Snatch and CJ on Saturday!

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