Thursday 11.22.2018

Happy Thanksgiving! Gym will be open for open gym this morning 9:30-11:00, so come in and get your work done before you stuff yourself full of food.

Also, remember that, as we uncover the true history behind the story around Thanksgiving, for many people, today isn’t a day for celebrating. Be thankful for the food on your plate, for the family and friends you share it with, but be wary of the narrative that surrounds the holiday.



Week 1: All sets at 10RM+5%, rep range 3-8. Should be heavy. Rest as needed between sets.

A) Deadlift x 3

B) LBBS x 3

C) Skater Squats x 3

D) Incline Close Grip BP x 3

E) Pullups x 2

F) BB Upright Row x 2

G) Calf Raises x 3


A1) Deadlift x 3

A2) Calf Raises x 3

B1) LBBS x 3

B2) BB Upright Row x 2

C1) Skater Squats x 3

C2) Incline Close Grip BP x 3

D) Pullups x 2


A) Wide Grip BP: Up to 10RM at 9 RPE

B) Wide Grip BP: Drop 8-12%x4x10

C) DB Incline BP: 3×10 at 8RPE

D) Banded Pulldowns: 4×10

E) Lateral Raises: 3×10

F) DB Skull Crushers: 2×10

G) DB Curls: 2×10


A) Snatch Pull + Power Snatch + Hang Snatch: 1×1+1+2 (daily max)

B) Snatch Pull: 3×3 at 100-120%

C) BS: 3×6 at 75%

D) BP: 3×5 at 75%

E) BS: 1×12 (12RM)

F) Sumo DL: 1×3 (3RM)

G) Wtd Lunges: 1×6-10 e/l

H) Bird Dogs: 4×15 e/s

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