Thursday 01.03.2019

Happy New Year from our family to you! For 2019:

1. Do it. Whatever it is, do it now and stop waiting. Life is too short to stand on the sidelines.
2. Stop hanging out with people who suck. If they suck, you will too.
3. Same note: stop listening to the negative BS. Fill your head with the positive, every minute, all the time. Books, affirmations, cool positive people. It works. It can also be lonely at times, but books can make great friends.
4. Stop following accounts that make you feel bad about yourself. There’s tons of body positive influences. Seek them out. Fitness and nutrition should never come from a place of self loathing.
5. Better shoes
6. Read more
7. Meditate
8. Stop gossiping. It’s like drinking your own poison.
9. Self care: better skincare, more rest, small daily luxuries like yummy body lotions or perfumes or fancy chocolates can be just enough to brighten your mood.
10. Take care of your energy. Be sure to clear out the bad stuff and bring in the good. Bring the light with you and share it everywhere you go.


A) Single Leg Hip Thrust 1 1/4: 3×8 e/l

B) Alternating Arnold Press: 3×8

C) Single Leg Back Extension, arms back of head: 3×12 e/l

D) SA Row on Bench: 3×8

E) Deficit Curtsy Lunge: 3×12 e/l

F) Banded Lateral Raise: 2×12

G) Frog Pump: 3×50


A1) Single Leg Hip Thrust 1 1/4: 3×8 e/l

A2) Alternating Arnold Press: 3×8 e/a

B1) Single Leg Back Extension, hands back of head: 3×12 e/l

B2) SA Row on Bench: 3×8

C1) Deficit Curtsy Lunge: 3×24 (12 e/l)

C2) Banded Lateral Raise: 2×12

D) Frog Pump: 3×50



A) BP: 3×3 at 80% of 3RM

B) Spoto Press: 2×4 at 6RPE

C) Banded Pulldowns: 3×10

D) DB Skullcrushers: 2×8

E) DB Curls: 2×8


A) BS: 3×8 +1-10 lbs from last 3×8

B) Snatch: 3×3 at 75%

C) Power Clean: 3×3, heavy

D) BP: 3×5, +1-10 lbs from last 3×5

E) Decline BP: 2×6-12, to failure

F) Dips: 2×8-12

G) DB Rear Lateral Raise: 2×10-15

H) Waitress Carries: 3×30 steps e/a


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