Thursday 05.16.2019


A) SLRDL: 3×10-15 e/l

B) Pistol Squats: 3×10 e/l

C) High Box Step Downs (use rings for support): 3×12 e/l

D) BB Upright Row: 3×12

E) Calf Raises: 3×20


A1) SLRDL: 3×10-15 e/l

A2) BB Upright Row: 3×12

B1) Pistol Squats: 3×10 e/l

B2) Calf Raises: 3×20

C) High Box Step Down (rings for support): 3×12


A) GHR: 1×10 @ RPE6, 1×10 @ RPE7, 2×10 @ RPE8

B) Incline Bench Press: 1x8 @ RPE6, 1x8 @ RPE7, 2x8 @ RPE8

C) DB Bench Press: 3×10 @ RPE 7-8

D) Banded Face Pulls: 3×10 @ RPE 7-8

E) Banded Lat Pulldowns: 3×10 @ RPE 7-8


Mock Meet Day! 3 attempts at each lift

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