Tuesday 10.22.2019

FREE WEEK THIS WEEK! Join us for all the fun!


FINAL HEAVY WEEK! Next week is deload and preparation for Metabolite Training.

A) BB Hack Squats: 4×10

B) Seated Press: 4×10

C) OH BB Tricep Extensions: 5×10

D) Wide Pullups: 3×8-12

E) SL RDL: 3×10 e/l

F) Abs: 6×10

Optional Glute Finisher

A) Knee Banded Glute Bridge (from floor): 4×10

B) DB Step Back Lunges: 4×10 e/l


A1) BB Hack Squats: 4×10

A2) SL RDL: 3×10 e/l

B1) Seated Press: 4×10

B2) Wide Pullups: 3×8-12

C1) OH BB Tricep Extension: 5×10

C2) Abs: 6×10


Program A Meet Prep


A) LBBS: 3×3 at 80% of Opener

B) 1-ct Paused BP: 3×2 at 83% of Opener

C) DL: 3×3 at 75% of Opener

D) SA DB Row: 3×6 at 7RPE

Program B Non-Meet Prep


A) Tempo HBBS, 32×0: 1×6 at 6RPE, 1×6 at 7RPE, 1×6 at 8RPE

B) Tempo Larsen Press, 42×0: 1×5 at 6RPE, 1×5 at 7RPE, 1×8 at 8RPE

C) SA DB Row: 2×10 at 7-8RPE

D) LISS of choice, 15 minutes

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