Tuesday 11.19.2019

Mark Manson’s “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” is a must-read.


Metabolite Training – First set 20-30 reps, then whatever you can squeeze out for subsequent sets. Minimal rest b/w sets; just enough to catch your breath, 10-30 seconds. Sets should significantly drop off. Example: 24, 13, 8, 6.

A) DB 1 1/4 Bulgarian Split Squats: 5 sets

B) Landmine Press: 4 sets

C) Close Grip BP: 5 sets

D) Banded Pulldown: 3 sets

E) Hanging Hamstring Curl: 3 sets

F) DB Shrugs: 5 sets

Glute Finisher:

A) DB Step Back Lunges: 3 sets

B) Zig Zag Monster Walk (forwards then back – forwards 20-30 first set, then backwards 20-30 first set; rest 10ish seconds b/w sets, perform two more sets


A) Sumo Squats: 1×8 at 6RPE, 1×8 at 7RPE, 2×8 at 8RPE

B) Wide Grip Larsen Press: 1×8 at 6RPE, 1×8 at 7RPE, 1×8 at 8RPE

C) Dips: 3×10 at 7-8RPE

D) SA DB Row: 3×15 at 7-8RPE

E) DB/KB Side Crunches: 3×15 at 7-8RPE

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