Saturday 11.30.2019

TODAY! Plus we will have the Red Cross here doing another blood drive. Join us!

My typical post-Thanksgiving reminder


FINAL HEAVY WEEK! Tuesday starts deload.

Metabolite Training – First set 20-30 reps, then whatever you can squeeze out for subsequent sets. Minimal rest b/w sets; just enough to catch your breath, 10-30 seconds. Sets should significantly drop off. Example: 24, 13, 8, 6.

A) Constant Tension b/w Box Squats: 4 sets

B) Inverted BB Rows: 5 sets

C) Hammer Curls: 5 sets

D) Seated Rear Lateral Raises: 3 sets

E) DB Deficit RDL: 4 sets

F) Incline Chest Flyes: 3 sets

G) DB Shrugs: 5 sets

Glute Finisher

A) Russian KB Swings: 3 sets (squeeze glutes hard at top of swing)



A) 5-ct Eccentric Sumo DL: 1×5 at 6RPE, 1×5 at 7RPE, 1×5 at 8RPE

B) Pushup (2-min rest b/w sets): 3xAMRAP

C) Banded Anti-Rotation Deadbugs: 3×15 at 7-8RPE

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