Tuesday 01.14.2020


FIRST HEAVY WEEK! This cycle is pretty intense, so make sure you are starting at a weight where you have room to progress over the next four weeks. You should not be missing reps; this is a hypertrophy program, not a strength program. That being said, weights NEED to be challenging. Please make sure you are getting adequate sleep, water, and nutrition.

A) BP: 4×8

B) Press: 3×8

C) Dips: 4×8

D) Banded Flies: 4×12

E) BB Shrug: 5×10

F) BB Upright Row: 3×10

G) EZ Curls: 3×8

H) Abs of choice: 3×20


A1) BP: 4×8

A2) Abs: 3×20

B1) Press: 3×8

B2) Upright Row: 3×10

C1) BB Shrug: 5×10

C2) Dips: 4×8

D1) Banded Flies: 4×12

D2) EZ Curls: 3×8


A) LBBS: 1×1 at 8RPE, 2×3 at 83%, 1×3 at 75%

B) 1-ct Pause BP: 1×1 at 8RPE, 2×3 at 83%, 2×3 at 75%

C) Incline BP: 3×6 at7-8RPE

D) Bent Over EZ Row: 3×8 at 7-8RPE


A) BS: 3×6 at 70%

B) BS: 1xAMRAP at 60%

C) BP: 3×3 at 85%

D) BP: 1xAMRAP at 65%

E) Flat Flyes: 2×10-15

F) Dips: 2×8-12

G) Close Grip BP: 2×6-12 (to failure)

H) Tricep Extensions: 2×10-15 (to failure)

I) DB Lateral Raises: 2×10-15 (to failure)

J) Seated Rear DB Lateral Raises: 2×10-15

K) Side Planks: 3x30sec e/s

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