Thursday 02.06.2020


Sets go up again this week; if you do not have time to add sets, you may do sets from week 2, but you must make sure you are going up in weight. DELOAD NEXT WEEK!

A) BB Stiletto Squats: 5×8

B) Sumo DL: 6×8

C) SL BB DL: 6×8 e/l

D) Calves on balance beam: 7×20

E) Seated DB Press: 4×12

F) Pullups: AFAP 45

G) Seated DB Shrug: 8×20

H) Supine Grip DB Curls:  7×12


A1) Stiletto Squats: 5×8

A2) Supine Grip DB Curls: 7×12

B1) Seated DB Shrug: 8×20

B2) Sumo DL: 6×8

C1) Calves on Beam: 7×20

C2) SL BB DL: 6×8 e/l

D) Seated DB Press: 4×12

E) Pullups: AFAP 45



A) 2in Deficit DL: 1×8 at 8RPE, 3×6 at 100% of previous

B) Medium Incline BP: 1×10 at 8RPE, 3×7 at 100% of previous

C) Chinups: 3×10 at 7-8RPE

D) Heels Elevated Close Stance Goblet Squats: 3×10 at 7-8RPE

E) Banded Pec Flyes: 3×15 at 7-8RPE


A) BS: 3×5 +1-10 lbs from last 3×5

B) BP: 3×3 +1-10 lbs from last 3×3

C) Conventional DL: 1×1 (heavy single)

D) Sumo DL: 3×10

E) Bulgarian Split Squats: 4×10-15 e/l

F) EZ Curls: 2×6-12, to failure

G) Tricep Extensions: 3×12-15

H) Bird Dogs: 4×12 e/s

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