Tuesday 02.18.2020

One easy way to improve your stress levels (and really just life in general), is to meditate. It doesn’t take long, 5-30 minutes a day, but it has so many health and wellness benefits. Using an app like Calm or Insight can help you find guided meditations that keep you looking forward to your sessions.


First heavy week! Heavy enough to be challenging, but enough room to go up for the subsequent three weeks without missing any reps.

A) 1-ct Close Grip BP: 4×8

B) Seated BB Press: 3×8

C) BB Skullcrushers: 4×10

D) UH EZ Bar Row: 3×12

E) FS: 3×10

F) Stiff Legged DL: 3×10

G) Abs OR Shrugs: 4×12-15


A1) 1-ct Pause BP: 4×8

A2) UH EZ Bar Rpw: 3×12

B1) Seated Press: 3×8

B2) Stiff Legged DL: 3×10

C1) BB Skullcrushers: 4×10

C2) FS: 3×10

D) Abs or Shrugs: 4×12-20


A) HBBS: 1×10 at 8RPE, 3×7 at 100% of previous

B) Wide Grip BP: 1×10 at 8RPE, 3×7 at 100% of previous

C) Bent Over Row: 3×10 at 7-8RPE

D) Banded Facepulls: 3×15 at 7-8RPE

E) Banded Tricep Pushdowns: 3×15 at 7-8RPE


A) Power Snatch: 2×3, AHAP

B) BS: 3×6 +1-10 lbs from last 3×6

C) BS: 1xAMRAP at 70%

D) BP: 3×5 +1-10 lbs from last 3×5

E) Close Grip BP: 3×12, to failure

F) GH Raise: 3×12-15

G) Wtd Lunges: 3×10 e/l

H) Single Leg KB RDL: 4×10-15 e/l

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