Tuesday 03.10.2020


A) 1-ct Close Grip BP: 7×8

B) Seated BB Press: 6×8

C) BB Skullcrushers: 7×10

D) UH EZ Bar Row: 6×12

E) FS: 4×10

F) Stiff Legged DL: 4×10

G) Abs OR Shrugs: 7×12-15


A1) 1-ct Pause BP: 7×8

A2) UH EZ Bar Rpw: 6×12

B1) Seated Press: 6×8

B2) Stiff Legged DL: 4×10

C1) BB Skullcrushers: 7×10

C2) FS: 4×10

D) Abs or Shrugs: 7×12-20



A) Sumo Low Bar Box Squats: 1×10 at 8RPE, 3×8 at 100% of previous

B) 2-2-0 Tempo Narrow Grip BP: 1×10 at 8RPE, 3×8 at 100% of previous

C) SA Landmine Row: 3×10 at 7-8RPE

D) DB Upright Row: 3×15 at 7-8RPE

E) DB Tricep Rollbacks: 3×15 at 7-8RPE


A) BP: 3×2 +1-10 lbs from last 3×2

B) BP: 2×6-12, to failure

C) BB Skull Crushers: 2×6-12

D) BS: 3×4 +1-10 lbs from last 3×4

E) Knees to Elbows: 2×10-15

Jacked and Tan

A) DL: 1×5, 1×3, 1×1

B) Pause BP (1-sec pause): 1×5, 1×3, 1×1

C) Bulgarian Split Squat (BB or DB): 3×10 e/l

D) SA Row: 3×10 e/a

E) Pause Hip Thrust (1-sec pause): 3×10

F) Banded Seated Hip Abduction: 3×30

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