Saturday 06.27.2020

Jon and Jen will be gone all next week, Monday through Saturday, and will return the following Monday. Behave yourselves!

NEW CYCLE for both Hypertrophy and Strength! Get excited! Super fun times.


A1) Front Foot Elevated Lunges (DBs if needed): 3×10 e/l

A2) Narrow Pushups: 3×15-20

B1) Wide Grip Bent Over Row: 3×12

B2) Goblet Squats: 3×15-20

C1) Abs of Choice: 3×20

C2) Shrugs: 3×20


A) BS: 3×5

B) Pause BP: 3×5

C) Single Leg RDL: 3×12 e/l

D) Flat Flyes: 3×15-20

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